Sacred Land News

Protest of Thirty Meter Telescope Sacred on Mauna Kea

"Hawaii approves telescope on volcano sacred to indigenous people." Reuters, 9/28/17.

"Hawaii’s Thirty Meter Telescope Suffers New Legal Setback." NBC News, 1/11/17.

"Under Hawaii’s Starriest Skies, a Fight Over Sacred Ground." New York Times, 10/3/16.

"TMT equipment removed; Protesters praise the decision, express ‘joy and gratitude’." Hawaii Tribune Herald, 12/17/15.

"State Supreme Court rules TMT permit invalid; construction to remain on indefinite hold." Hawaii News Now, 12/2/15.

"Hawaii Supreme Court suspends permit to build telescope on sacred land." Tyler Morning Telegraph, 11/18/15.

"Ige reaffirms support for TMT, Mauna Kea stewardship." Hawaii Tribune Herald, 11/1/15.

"What Makes a Volcano Sacred." The Atlantic, 10/30/15.

"Stone Altar Destroyed By Unsuspecting Worker At Hawaii's Sacred Mauna Kea Mountain." Huffington Post, 9/16/15.

"Hawaii Supreme Court hears Mauna Kea telescope case." The Telegraph. 8/27/15.

"Hawaii limits access to Mauna Kea amid telescope protests." San Francisco Chronicle, 7/13/15.

"Protesters Suing for Access to Mauna Kea- Where the World’s Largest Telescope is Being Built." Empire State Tribune, 7/8/15.

"Land Board Meets to Discuss Mauna Kea Access." Honolulu Star Advertiser, 7/10/15.

"Sacred Mountain Blockade: Protectors Halt Construction on Mauna Kea." Indian Country Today Media Network, 6/30/15.

"Protesters Block Construction of Giant Hawaii Telescope." ABC News, 6/25/15.

"PBS Sacred Site Documentary to Detail Roadmap to Mauna Kea Victory." Indian Country Today Media Network, 6/12/15.

"Supreme Court In Hawaii Grants Application To Hear Telescope Case." Tech Times, 6/8/15.

"A raging debate in Hawaii may slam the door on an unprecedented opportunity to study the universe." Business Insider, 5/21/15.

"Science and Religion Clash Over Telescope Construction on Sacred Summit." Discover Magazine blog, 5/9/15.

"Star-Crossed on a Hawaiian Mountaintop." The New York Times editorial, 5/3/15.

"OHA trustees vote to rescind support of Thirty Meter Telescope." Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 4/30/15.

"Treaty Council Calls for US and International Support for Mauna Kea." Indian Country Today Media Network, 4/15/15.

"Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Protests Against A Hawaii Telescope." Huffington Post, 4/13/15.

"Ige declares ‘timeout’ on construction of telescope." KITV, 4/9/15.

"Amid controversy, construction of telescope on sacred land in Hawaii halted." Tyler Morning Telegraphs, 4/8/15.

"Native Hawaiians Arrested in Protests of Massive Telescope." NBC News, 4/6/15.

"Hawaiian leader seeks construction pause at sacred summit." Hawaii News Now, 4/4/15.

"Protests block road to giant telescope site on sacred land in Hawaii." Tyler Morning Telegraphs, 4/3/15.

"Video: Several Arrested In Mauna Kea TMT Blockade." Big Island Video News, 4/2/15.

"Hawaii Maoli Warriors Protect Sacred Mountain from Telescope Construction." Censored News, 3/31/15.

"Spiritual Warfare and Sacred Site Protection in Hawaii." Indian Country Today Media Network, 12/2/14.

Native Americans Protest Dakota Access Pipeline Across North Dakota Sacred Lands

"Trump administration to approve final permit for Dakota Access pipeline." Washington Post, 2/7/17.

"In Victory for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Court Finds that Approval of Dakota Access Pipeline Violated the Law." Earthjustice, 6/14/17.

"Leaked Documents Reveal Counterterrorism Tactics Used at Standing Rock to "Defeat Pipeline Insurgencies." The Intercept, 5/27/17.

"Crude Oil Begins To Flow Through Controversial Dakota Access Pipeline." NPR, 6/1/17.

"The Dakota Access pipeline sprung 2 new leaks." Business Insider, 5/23/17.

"Is Nothing Sacred? How Archaeological Reviews Imperil Tribal Lands." Reveal, 4/14/17.

"Standing Rock Protest Camp, Once Home to Thousands, Is Razed." New York Times, 2/23/17.

"Army Approves Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline."  New York Times, 2/7/17.

"The Dakota Access Pipeline isn’t just about the environment. It’s about religion." Washington Post, 12/5/16.

"Protesters Gain Victory in Fight Over Dakota Access Oil Pipeline." New York Times, 12/4/16.

"Activists and police trade blame after Dakota Access protester severely injured." Washington Post, 11/22/16.

"Obama says Dakota Access pipeline could be rerouted to accommodate sacred land." ThinkProgress, 11/3/16.

"Dakota Access protesters removed from private land, more than 100 arrested after standoff with police." Washington Post, 10/28/16.

"Tribe sees Dakota Access Pipeline as just latest in long history of violations." Seattle Times, 10/26/16.

"Standing Rock protests escalate, as tribe calls for DOJ to investigate." Christian Science Monitor 10/24/16.

"Dakota Pipeline Company Buys Ranch Near Sioux Protest Site, Records Show." NBC News, 9/23/16.

"Archeologists denounce Dakota Access pipeline for destroying artifacts." The Guardian, 9/22/16.

"Tribal chairman asks U.N. commission to oppose Dakota Access Pipeline." Duluth News Tribune, 9/20/16.

"Neil Young releases video for new protest song, 'Indian Givers'." Entertainment Weekly, 9/19/16.

"The Dakota Access Pipeline has rallied Native Americans tribes like no other issue in recent history." Earth Island Journal, 9/12/16.

"U.S. Suspends Construction on Part of North Dakota Pipeline." Front page, New York Times, 9/10/16.

"U.S. authorities will temporarily halt construction of pipeline near lake sacred to Standing Rock Sioux." Los Angeles Times, 9/9/16.

"The Latest: Feds request ‘pause’ on span of pipeline." Washington Post, 9/9/16.

"Judge's Order Halts Construction On Part Of North Dakota Pipeline." NPR, 9/7/16

"'I Want to Win Someday’: Tribes Make Stand Against Pipeline." Front page, New York Times, 9/8/16

"North Dakota Pipeline Protest Turns Violent After Native American Burial Grounds Allegedly Damaged." Time, 9/4/16.

"Far-Reaching Tribal Solidarity Displayed at Pipeline Protest." ABC News, 8/27/16.

"Taking a Stand at Standing Rock." New York Times, 8/25/16.

"Occupying the Prairie: Tensions Rise as Tribes Move to Block a Pipeline." New York Times, 8/24/16.

"Roadblocks Remain While Prayer Camp Stays Peaceful." Indian Country Today Media Network, 8/22/16.

IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016

"Long Journey to a More Righteous Shore." Earth Island Journal, 9/27/16.

Learn more about big success at IUCN World Conservation Congress here. 

Sacred Badger-Two Medicine Region Threatened With Oil and Gas Drilling

"Keeping the Drillers From Sacred Grounds." New York Times, 11/20/16.

"How tribes led the fight over Badger-Two Medicine oil and gas leases." High Country News, 5/12/16.

"Government cancels Badger-Two Medicine oil/natural gas lease." Great Falls Tribune, 3/17/16.

"U.S. to cancel drilling lease on tribes' sacred land." Longview News-Journal, 11/24/15.

"Blackfeet Nation wins ruling against development at sacred site.", 11/23/15.

"Badger-Two Medicine: Too Sacred to Drill." Earthjustice, 9/21/15.

Chinese corporation encounters sacred mountain defenders in India

"Solitude and Industry Collide Near Mumbai." New York Times video, 12/30/15.


"John O'Connor, Fort Chipewyan Doctor, Fired With No Explanation." Huffington Post, 5/12/15

"Senators play up health impact of Keystone XL plan." The Washington Post, 2/16/2014

"Alberta doctor tells U.S.: Canada is 'lying' about tar sands' health effects," Vancouver Observer, 2/26/14

"Little evidence of high cancer rates in Alberta oil sands community, study finds." The Vancouver Sun, 3/24/14

Grand Canyon under attack

"Grand Canyon Development Plans Put River On Endangered List." National Geographic, 4/7/15

"Grand Canyon Association Wants to Help Tribes Rediscover Sacred Sites." Indian Country Today Media Network, 4/5/15

"Who Can Save the Grand Canyon?" Smithsonian Magazine, 3/15

"Grand Folly." Earth Island Journal, Spring 2015

"The Grand Canyon is under attack (from humans)." Mother Nature Network, 3/28/15

Canadian Government Attempts First Nations Land Grab for Oil and Gas

"Canadian government pushing First Nations to give up land rights for oil and gas profits." The Guardian, 3/3/15

Colombian Oil Company Leaves Drilling Site on Land owned by Indigenous U’wa

"Colombian tribe scores ‘historic’ victory versus Big Gas." The Guardian, 3/26/15

First Nations Help Keep Saskatchewan Nuclear Waste Free

"Victory! Saskatchewan to Remain Nuclear Waste Free." Intercontinental Cry Magazine, 3/26/15

Expansion of California Coastal Sanctuaries Protects Sinkyone Wilderness

"'Miracle’ Expansion of California Coastal Sanctuaries." San Francisco Chronicle, 3/13/15

"Video: Stewards of the Wild Sea." About the importance of the ocean to Native Americans from coastal northern California

Ancient Utah Village Protected

"Indian monument dedicated as part of UTA mitigation at site of ancient village." The Salt Lake Tribune, 3/27/15

Protest to Stop Medicine Lake Geothermal Development

"Pit River Rallies to Protect Sacred Medicine Lake Highlands from Fracking."  Indian Country Today Media Network, 3/24/15

B.C. Approves Massive Dam That Would Flood Sacred Lands

"Site C dam approved by B.C. government." CBC News, 12/16/14

"Stop the C Dam." Wilderness Committee, 12/16/14

Greenpeace Desecrates Peru Sacred Site

"Peru Is Indignant After Greenpeace Makes Its Mark on Ancient Site." The New York Times, 12/12/14

"Greenpeace Apologizes for Wrecking Nazca Lines as Peru Prepares Criminal Charges." Indian Country Today Media Network, 12/15/14

Congress Gives Away Sacred Sites in Defense Bill

"Defense Bill Passes, Giving Sacred Native American Sites To Mining Company." Huffington Post, 12/12/14 

"57 Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Urge Senate to Nix Sacred Land Giveaway." Indian Country Today, 12/12/14

California Senator Dianne Feinstein Pulls Massive Water Legislation That Could Have Expedited Raising height of Shasta Dam

"Feinstein’s sweeping water bill collapses at 11th hour.", 11/22/14

"Feinstein: Environmentalists no help on California drought.", 5/19/14


"Rights of Indigenous people to manage protected areas needs to be better recognised at the national level." World Parks Congress 2014 website, 11/18/14

Increasing Indigenous People's Role in World Politics

"Self-Determination as Anti-extravism: How Indigenous Resistance Challenges World Politics." IC Magazine, 6/2/14